The International Seminar on Materials Science and Application 2023 is organized by the Department of Physics, State University of Malang (UM) and the Materials Research Society Indonesia. This international seminar will be held from 17 February – 20 September 2023 at the State University of Malang (UM), Malang, Indonesia. The discussion topic raised was on the theme Materials Science and Applications which would be presented by Assc. Prof. Dr. Goh Boon Tong, (Department of Physics, FMIPA, University of Malaya), Dr. Muhammad Safwan ABD Aziz (Laser Center Director, UTM Malaya, Assoc), and Prof. Zuhrina Osman (Ionics Center, Universiti Malaya).

This international seminar aims to bring together researchers, especially in the field of materials science, to strengthen international research collaboration. Apart from that, this activity is also expected to strengthen research carried out by FMIPA UM students, especially in Physics. Materials science is a scientific discipline that studies the properties and applications of materials. It is known that materials science is a growing research topic. In its development, researchers have succeeded in fabricating a material that has been applied as a biosensor, drug delivery material, antimicrobial material, adsorbent, and radar-absorbing material in recent years. Of course, this scientific discipline opens up opportunities for further application in various fields. This international seminar will certainly provide a strong impetus for the development of materials science and its application in various fields.