IC2MAM 2020

The 2nd International Conference International Conference on Condensed Matters and Advanced Materials
(IC2MAM) 2020

Developing and Commercialising Innovative Research in Condensed Matters and Advanced Materials

IC2MAM 2020

Malang, 27 October 2020

Remote video presentation (video conference)

Welcome to IC2MAM 2020

The 2nd International Conference on Condensed Matters and Advanced Materials is the international conference for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of condensed matters and advanced materials. The conference will bring together leading students, researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Currently, the entire world is struggling against the virulent pandemic COVID-19. IC2MAM 2020 members takes the utmost care of our valuable authors as well as us. Multiple precaution measures have been taken by us in order to prevent spreading the virus among the public.

So, we have the plan that the presentation method from Oral presentation to Remote Presentation through Video Meeting.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Aim and Scope

• Theoretical and Analysis in Materials • Computational Material Science • Strong Correlated System • Quantum Dots • Morphological Engineering • Materials Engineering • Synthesis and Characterization Techniques • Materials Instrumentation • Nano Science and Technology • Functional Materials • Electronic Materials • Magnetic Materials • Photonic Materials • Materials For Energy • Multiferroics • Composites • Low Temperature Physics • Superfluidity • Superconducting Materials • Minerals and Complex Materials • Geomaterials • Polymer • Metal-Organics Materials • Intermetallic Compounds • Low Dimensional Systems • Biomaterials • Metals and Alloys • Smart Materials

Keynote Speakers

1.Asst. Prof. Dr. Graeme R. Blake (University of Groningen)
2. Prof. Datuk Dr. Harith Bin Ahmad (University of Malaya)
3. Prof. Dr. Santi Maensiri (Suranaree University of Technology)
4. Prof. Dr. Markus Diantoro (Universitas Negeri Malang)

Invited Speakers

1. Prof. Suriati sufian (Univ Tech Petronas)
2. Dr. Aramel (NUS)
3. Dr. Ahmad Taufiq, M.Si. (UM)
4. Prof. Hadi Nur (UTM)
5. Nandang Mufti, M.T., Ph.D. (UM)
6. Dr. Sunaryono, M.Si. (UM)


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• Easily connection to Video Meeting with Conference Place at your place.
• The conference Video Meeting offers quick, easy, and powerful way to video conference and collaboration.
• Sharing the Presentation material with other participations during your presentation.
• Authors may do the presentation without participations.
• You can download the Guideline by clicking ‘Guideline Download’ below


Authors submit the materials on the conference submission system.


  • Presentation Template

The Presenters formatted the materials according to the “poster template” (Please see the Guideline).


  • Abstract Template

The Presenters write the materials according to the “Abstract template and Full paper template” (Please see the Guideline).

Registration Fee and Payment

Important date

• Last abstract submission : 15 August 2020
• Last abstract notification acceptance : 20 August 2020

• Last early bird registration : 25 September 2020
• Last Regular registration & Final program announcement : 25 October 2020

• Conference event : 27 October 2020
• Last Full Paper submission : 3 Nov 2020
• Review and revision : 4 November – 4 January 2021
• Proofreading and layouting : 5 January – 30 February 2021
• Expected Publication : March 2021


• Dr. Robi Kurniawan, M.Si.
• Joko Utomo, M.Sc. 
• Dr. Ahmad Taufiq, UM – Indonesia
• Dr. Kuwat Triyana, UGM – Indonesia
• Dr. Sunaryono, UM – Indonesia
• Prof. Dr. Arif Hidayat, UM – Indonesia
• Dr. Sigit Tri Wicaksono, ITS – Indonesia
• Dr. Eng. Masruroh, Fisika UB – Indonesia
• Dr. Munasir , UNESA – Indonesia
• Prof. Dr. Eko Hadi Sudjiono, UNM – Indonesia
• Prof. Dr. Sutikno, UNNES – Indonesia
• Prof. Dr. Heru Susanto, UNDIP – Indonesia
• Dr. Risa Suryana, UNS – Indonesia
• Samian, S,Si., M.Si, UNAIR – Indonesia
• Dr. Eny Latifah, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Dr. Hari Wisodo, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Nurul Hidayat, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Atsnaita Yasrina, M.Sc, UM – Indonesia
• Nugroho Adi Pramono,M.Sc, UM – Indonesia
• Samsul Hidayat, M.T, UM – Indonesia
• Drs. Yudyanto, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Daeng Achmad S, M.Kom, UM – Indonesia
• Dr. Siti Zulaikah, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Dra. Hartatiek, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Dra. Chusnana I.Y, M.Si, UM – Indonesia
• Dr. Nasikhudin, M.Sc, UM – Indonesia

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr. Takayuki Ishida, The University of Electro Communications – Japan
  • Prof. Khairurrijal, ITB – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur, UTM – Malaysia
  • Dr. Ariando, NUS – Singapore
  • Prof. Dr. Somchai Tancharakorn, SLRI – Thailand
  • Dr. Edy Giri Rachman Putra, BATAN – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Darminto, ITS  – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Suminar Pratapa, ITS – Indonesia
  • Dr. Markus Diantoro, UM – Indonesia
  • Dr. Nandang Mufti, UM – Indonesia
  • Dr. Ahmad Taufiq, UM – Indonesia
  • Dr. Sunaryono, UM – Indonesia


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