Jurnal MIPA

Jurnal FMIPA Uniaversitas Negeri Malang.

No e-Jurnal ISSN  Link Jurnal
 1 cover - jurnal matematika fmipa um copy  2549-5879  Jurnal Matematika
 2 cover issue 46 en us  Jurnal Pembelajaran Matematika
 3 jpfis 2548-7183 Jurnal Riset Pendidikan Fisika
 4 cover issue 38 en us  2541-2485 Journal of Physical Science and Engineering
 5 um Jurnal Pembelajaran Kimia
6 cistrans Jurnal Cis-Trans
7 journalthumbnail en us-210x300  2540-9271 Jurnal Pembelajaran Biologi
8 um  2549-4686 Jurnal Ilmu Hayat
9 um Jurnal Pembelajaran Sains

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